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Kick off your brand development with an interactive, comprehensive (and fun) workshop.

Marketing That Matters

Your Brand Should Help You Win

Brand development is both an art and a science. And without the right process and expertise, it’s easy to lay the wrong foundation and end up missing the mark.


You might be too
close to your brand


You lack brand expertise
on your team


You can quickly burn
time and money


You have many stakeholders
to appease

The Brand & Marketing Development Workshop is your ticket to a clear brand strategy.

We live and breathe branding & marketing and we’ve noticed patterns in what companies like yours often struggle with. So we built a solution to help you get the clarity you need to win.


Connect The Dots

The workshop helps bridge the gap between your business plan and your marketing strategy, ensuring your team is clearly aligned with your goals.


Idea Mapping

We provide a graphic recording of the workshop, which translates our real-time discussion into visuals to solidify concepts and ideas as they emerge.


Get On The Same Page

Our brand strategist steers your team through a structured conversation, drawing out key information and ideas that will help inform your brand development.


Lay Your Marketing Foundation

The information we gather during the Brand & Marketing Development Workshop helps clarify your target audience and forms the foundation of your marketing plan.


Clarify Your Culture + Values

We encourage everyone to give input on company culture and values. This helps our teams align on what makes your business a great place to work and to do business with.


Move Forward with Confidence

The clarity you’ll gain in the workshop (and throughout the brand development process) will provide confidence for future marketing investments.


“Steven and Roger are like your branding coaches and marketing therapists. They go deep, they are relentless about getting to the bottom of my authentic self and undeniably brought that to the surface. In a sense, they freed me to be ME which now connects us to the right clients, creating exceptional experiences all around.”

Marianna Veress
Founder of MariannaV RE
Investment Strategist

What to Expect During
The Brand & Marketing


Before The Workshop

We’re hard at work behind the scenes, researching and preparing to deliver the maximum value possible to you and your team.

  • We review your industry, competitors, and other relevant content
  • We prepare an agenda ahead of the workshop so your team can come prepared

During the Workshop

The workshop is an interactive, facilitated discussion between your team and ours. Typically our team will consist of a brand strategist, resident artist, creative director, and copywriter. And you can invite as many team members as you’d like to participate.

  • Option of digital or face-to-face workshop. Our resident artist offers digital or paper graphic recording
  • The face-to-face workshop takes place in one, half-day session (4 hours)
  • The digital workshop is typically broken into two sessions (2 hours + 2 hours)

After The Workshop

Our team pores over all of the valuable information gleaned from the workshop and uses it to define your core brand elements. We present an initial slide deck draft for your feedback and then go through 1 to 3 rounds of revisions to get it just right. This deck is essentially the DNA of your brand in a single document, so it can also be provided to your stakeholders and marketing and communications teams to build and execute external communications.

  • Deliverables include a custom-designed brand development slide deck and graphic recording (digital or paper)
  • After the workshop, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to your marketing, brand identity, and website

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